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Commodore part numbers are provided for reference only and do not indicate the availability of parts from Commodore. Industry standard parts (Resistors, Capacitors, Connectors) should be secured locally. Approved cross-references for TTL chips, Transistors, etc. are available in manual form through the Service Department, order part #314000-01. Unique or non-standard parts will be stocked by Commodore and are indicated on the parts list by a "C". Vendor Name and part number have been provided for your convenience in ordering custom or unique parts.

U1A 7561 Transceiver 901494-01
U1B 74LS14 901521-30
U1C 7406 901522-06
U1N 7406 901522-06
U1P 74LS139 901521-18
U1S 75160 Transceiver 901493-01
U2K 74LS164 901521-28
U2L 74LS133 901521-15
U2M 74LS02 901521-21
U2N 74LS193 901521-26
U2P 74LS86 901521-32
U2R 311 OP Amp 901523-04
U3A 74LS04 901521-02
U3B,C,D,E2114 Static RAM 901453-04
U3F 6502 Microprocessor C 901435-01
U3H 6522 C 901437-01
U3J 6522 C 901437-01
U3K 74LS245 901521-46
U3L 74LS165 901521-12
U3M 74LS74 901521-06
U3N 9602 One Shot 901510-01
U3R 592 901523-08
U3S 555 Timer 901523-01
U4C 7400 901522-04
U4D 74LS193 901521-26
U5F 2364 ROM C 901484-05
U5H 2364 ROM C 901484-03
U5J 74LS04 901521-02
U5K 74LS00 901521-01
U5L 74LS191 901521-40
U5M 74LS193 901521-26
U5N 74LS74 901521-06
U5R 592 901523-03
U6F 74LS04 901521-02
U6H 74LS42 901521-17
U6K 74LS10 901521-24
U6L 74LS04 901521-02
U6M 74LS00 901521-01
U6N 7406 901522-06
Q1 2N4401
Q2 2N4400
Q3,4,5 2N4403
CR1 1.5 A, 50 V, Bridge Rectifier 900756-01
CR2 4A, 200V, Bridge Rectifier 900755-01
CR3,4 1N4005
CR6-9 1N4005
CR10 1N5231, 5.1V Zener
CR11-16 1N4148
CR17 1N5226B, 13.3V Zener
CR18,19 Germanium 1N270
RESISTORS - All Values are in ohms- 1/4 W 5% unless noted otherwise.
R1 2K R31,321.5K
R2-5 150 R33 1K
R6 680 R34 680
R13 5.1KR35,36220
R14 330 R37 2K
R15 510 R38,399.09K, 1/4 W, 1%
R18-202K R40 1K
R21 22K R41 180
R22,23470 R42 270
R24 430 R43 47
R25 330 R44 2.2K
R28,29150 R47 4.7K
R30 300 R48 6.19K, 1/4 W, 1%
C1,2 Low Leak Elect4700µF,25V
C3,4 Low Leak Elect 47µF,16V
C5,C6 Low Leak Elect 1µF,50V
C7-10 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C12-18 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C20-25 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C26 Ceramic 22pF,50V
C27 Ceramic 750 pF,50V
C28,29 Ceramic 330 pF,50V
C30,31 Ceramic .022µF,50V
C32 Ceramic 1000pF,50V
C33-37 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C38,39 Ceramic 750 pF,50V
C41-44 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C45 Low Leak Elect 10µF,25V
C46,47 Low Leak Elect .47µF,50V
C48 Tantalum 3.3µF,35V
C49-52 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C53-54 Ceramic 47 pF  
C55,56 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C57 Ceramic 1.0µF,50V
C58 Ceramic .01µF,50V
C59-71 Ceramic 47 pF  
C72,73 Ceramic .1µF,50V
C74 Ceramic 100 pF  
C75 Ceramic 220 pF  
C76 Ceramic .047µF  
C77 Ceramic 47 pF  
P1 RT Angle CNNCT IEEE 903206-01
P2 Header -- R/W Head CNNCT
P3 Header -- PWR CNNCT
L1-3 Choke 100µH
L4.5 Choke 22µH
L6 Inductor 2.2µH
VR1 Voltage Regulator LM323
VR2 Voltage Regulator LM340
Y1 Crystal 16 MHz 900556-02
 Shield Box 4022048-01
 Shield Cap 4022047-01

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