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Commodore part numbers are provided for reference only and do not indicate the availability of parts from Commodore. Industry standard parts (Resistors, Capacitors, Connectors) should be secured locally. Approved cross-references for TTL chips, Transistors, etc. are available in manual form through the Service Department, order part #314000-01. Unique or non-standard parts will be stocked by Commodore and are indicated on the parts list by a "C". Vendor Name and part number have been provided for your convenience in ordering custom or unique parts.

U1 74LS74
U2 ULN2074 B Trans Pk
U3,4 741 C
U5 ULN2074 B Trans Pk
U6 75462
U7 7404
U8 75462
U9 9602
U10 75462
U11 74LS86
U12 77462
U13 7404
U14 75462
U15 74123
U16 7406
U17 7404
U18 75462
U19 311
U20,21 592
U22 75462
U23 Q2T2906 Trans Pk
Q1 2N4400
Q2,3 TIP110
Q4,5 2N4400
Q6,7 2N4403
Q8,9 2N4400
CR1,2 1N4446
CR3,4 1N4005
CR5 1N5235 B 6.8V Zener
CR6-15 1N4005
CR16 1N5235 B 6.8V Zener
CR17-24 1N4005
CR26 1N4446
CR27 1N5226 B 3.3V Zener
CR28-53 1N4446
CR54 1N5234 B 6.2V Zener
RESISTORS - All Values are in ohms- 1/4 W 5% unless noted otherwise.
R1,2 10 2W, 5%   R34 47K
R3 180 35 12K
R4 5K Potentiometer36 1K
R5,6 150K R37 470
R7 180 R38 12K
R8,9 10 2W, 5% R39 47K
R10-14 1K R40 1K
R15 10K R41 470
R16-18 1K R42 6.8K
R19 6.8K R43 270
R20 470 R44,45 3.3 K
R21 1K R46 6.8 K
R22,23 1 1/2W, 5% R47,48 3.3K
R24 10K R49 12.4K 1/8W, 1 %
R25 1K R50 1 K
R26 470 R51,52 330
R27,28 3.3K R53 470
R29 270 R54 330
R30 10K R55 1 K
R31 18K R56 1.2K
R32,33 3.3K R57-59 1 K
RESISTORS (Continued)
R60 12K   R82 3.16K 1/8W, 1 %
R61 330 1/2W, 5% R83 19.6K 1/8W, 1 %
R62 1K R84 12K
R63 30.9K 1/8W, 1 % R85,86 8.25K 1/8W, 1 %
R64 5K Potentiometer R87-90 12K
R65 1.54K 1/8W, 1% R91,92 2.2K
R66 768 1/8W, 1 % R93 47K
R67 1.3K 1/8W, 1 % R94 1.5K
R68 768 1/8W, 1 % R95 1K
R69 270 R96 1.5K
R70 180 R97 1K
R71 1K R98 1.5K
R72 360 R99 1K
R73 1K R100 1.5K
R74 1.5K R101 1K
R75 470 R102 2.2K
R76-79 1K R103 1K
R81 19.6K 1/8W, 1 %    
C1 TANT 3.3µF, 15V
C2,3 CER .01µF, 50V
C4 TANT 3.3µF, 15V
C5 CER .01µF, 50V
C6,7 TANT 3.3µF, 15V
C8 CER µF, 50V
C9,10 TANT 3.3µF, 15V
C11 CER .01µF, 50V
C12,13 TANT 3.3µF, 15V
C14 CER .01µF, 50V
C15 TANT 3.3µF, 15V
C16-25 CER 0.01µF, 50V
C26 CER 150pF, 200V
C27 CER .01µF, 50V
C28,29 CER 1µF, 50V
C30,31 CER .01µF, 50V
C32 CER 47pF, 200V
C33 CER .01µF, 50V
C34 CER .1µF, 50V
35,36 CER .01µF, 50V
C37,38 CER 470pF, 200V
C39-41 CER .01µF, 50V
C42,43 CER .1µF, 50V
C44 CER .01µF, 50V
C45 CER . 1µF, 50V
C46 TANT 4.7µF, 35V
C47 TANT 4.7µF, 16V
C48 CER .01µF, 50V
C49 CER 470pF, 200V
C50 CER .1µF, 50V
C51 CER 330pF, 200V
C52 TANT 4.7µF, 16V
C53 CER .1µF, 50V
C54 CER .01µF, 50V
C55 CER 68pF, 200V
C56 CER 470pF, 200V
C57 TANT 4.7µF, 35V
C58 CER .47µF, 50V
C59-63 CER .01µF, 50V
L1,2 RF Shielded Choke 1µH
L3 RF Shielded Choke: 100µH
L5,6 RF Shielded Choke, 390µH
P3 Header, 5 pin, .156 center
P5,6-A,B Header, Rt. Angle, 10 pin
P4-21-A,B Header, Rt. Angle, 23 pin
P7 Header, Dual Row, 20 pin, .1 center
P8 Header, Rt. Angle, 16 pin

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