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MAKESYS.DOC 08May87 CP/M 3.0 on the Commodore 128 28May87

To generate a new CPM+.SYS file used by CP/M on the Commodore 128 follow the procedure listed below. You will need a 1581 disk drive for this task. Without a 1581, you will have to make modifications to the procedure to suit your system (refer to the MAKESYS instructions on the 5.25" diskette that accompanies the DRI manual offer). If you're lucky enough to possess a 1750 RAM expander, you could use it (drive M:) in place of the 1581 work disk. This procedure requires a 400K work space.

  1. Create a 1581 work diskette, using the FORMAT utility, or start with an empty RAMdisk (drive M:).
  2. Copy the following files to the work disk, using the PIP utility:

    From USER 0: (these are the utilities you will need)

    From USER 1: (these are the data files)

  3. Enter 'SUBMIT CZ' and the rest is almost automatic. Just answer 'Y' to all the ERASE? prompts.
  4. When the process is complete, you will have a CPM+.SYS file that you can copy to any disk from which you want to be able to boot. You also need to copy the Console Command Processor (CCP.COM) from USER 0 to the disk from which you want to boot.
  5. Details regarding System Generation can be found in the DRI System Guide. There are several differences to be noted, however, such as somewhat different module names and the implementation of system utilities such as COPYSYS and CPMLDR.

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