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Commodore 1571 firmware
Diskcopy setup

	.subttl 'copset.src'

; dskcpy check for type
; and parses special case

        lda  #$e0       ; kill bam buffer
        sta  bufuse      
        jsr  clnbam     ; clr tbam
        jsr  bam2x      ; get bam lindx in .x
        lda  #$ff        
        sta  buf0,x     ; mark bam out-of-memory
        lda  #$0f        
        sta  linuse     ; free all lindxs
        jsr  prscln     ; find ":"
        bne  dx0000      
        jmp  duplct     ; bad command error, cx=x not allowed
;jsr prseq
;lda #'* ;cpy all
;ldx #39 ;put at buffer end
;stx filtbl+1
;sta cmdbuf,x ;place *
;stx cmdsiz
;ldx #1 ;set up cnt's
;stx f1cnt
;stx f2cnt
;jmp movlp2 ;enter routine
dx0000  jsr  tc30       ; normal parse
dx0005  jsr  alldrs     ; put drv's in filtbl
        lda  image      ; get parse image
        and  #%01010101 ; val for patt copy
        bne  dx0020     ; must be concat or normal
        ldx  filtbl     ; chk for *
        lda  cmdbuf,x    
        cmp  #'*         
        bne  dx0020      
;ldx #1 ;set cnt's
;  no pattern matching allowed
;stx f1cnt
;stx f2cnt
;jmp cpydtd ;go copy
dx0010  lda  #badsyn    ; syntax error
        jmp  cmderr      
dx0020  lda  image      ; chk for normal
        and  #%11011001          
        bne  dx0010      
        jmp  copy        
;        lda  #'=        ; special case
;        jsr  parse       
;        bne  x0020       
;x0015   lda  #badsyn     
;        jmp  cmderr      
;x0020   lda  cmdbuf,y    
;        jsr  tst0v1      
;        bmi  x0015       
;        sta  fildrv+1   ; src drv
;        dey      
;        dey      
;        lda  cmdbuf,y    
;        jsr  tst0v1      
;        bmi  x0015       
;        cmp  fildrv+1   ; cannot be equal
;        beq  x0015       
;        sta  fildrv     ; dest drv
;        rts      

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