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Commodore 1571 firmware
Duplicate a disk

        .subttl 'duplct.src'

; duplicate disk

        lda  #badcmd     
        jmp  cmderr      

; transfer format code to buffer 0
;  & start controller formatting

        lda  #$4c        
        sta  bufs+$300   

        lda  #<formt     
        sta  bufs+$301   
        lda  #>formt
        sta  bufs+$302   

        lda  #3          
        jsr  seth        
        lda  drvnum      
        ora  #exec       
        sta  jobs+3      
fmt105  lda  jobs+3      
        bmi  fmt105      

        cmp  #2          
        bcc  fmt110      

        lda  #3          
        ldx  #0          
        jmp  error       
fmt110  rts

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