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NOTE: We are unable to stock the numerous small parts of the various mechanisms that have been used in the Commodore Datasette. Therefore, references have been made throughout this document to the vendor names we have used as our suppliers. If you would like to have parts for these mechanisms, may we suggest you contact the vendors directly.


Parts that are available from Commodore at this printing:

32004001 C2N/1530 I/O Harness Assembly
980040 C2N/1530 Case (2 piece) OLD style
980048 C2N/1530 Replacement PCB Assembly #320275

Parts that will be available from Commodore - Call for Part Number, Price, Availability.

C2N/1 530 Case (2 piece) NEW style
1531 Case (2 piece)
1531 1/0 Harness Assembly

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