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ADSR Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release envelope.
attack Rate at which musical note reaches peak volume.
binary Base-2 number system.
Boolean operators Logical operators.
byte Memory location.
CHROMA noise Color distortion.
CIA Complex Interface Adapter.
DDR Data Direction Register.
decay Rate at which musical note falls from peak volume to sustain volume.
decimal Base-10 number system.
e Mathematical constant (approx. 2.71828183).
envelope Shape of the volume of a note over time.
FIFO First-In/First-Out.
hexadecimal Base-16 number system.
integer Whole number (without decimal point).
jiffy clock Hardware interval timer.
NMI Non-Maskable Interrupt.
octal Base-8 number system.
operand Parameter.
OS Operating System.
pixel Dot of resolution on the screen.
queue Single-file line.
register Special memory storage location.
release Rate at which a musical note fails from sustain volume to no volume.
ROM Read-Only Memory.
SID Sound Interface Device
signed numbers Plus or minus numbers.
subscript Index variable.
sustain Volume level for sustain of musical note.
syntax Programming sentence structure.
truncated Cut off, eliminated (not rounded).
VIC-II Video Interface Chip.
video screen Television set

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