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EXAMPLES of OPEN Statements:
   10 OPEN 2,8,4,"DISK-OUTPUT,SEQ,W"  (Opens sequential file on disk)

   10 OPEN 1,1,2,"TAPE-WRITE"         (Write End-of-File on Close)

   10 OPEN 50,0                       (Keyboard input)

   10 OPEN 12,3                       (Screen output)

   10 OPEN 130,4                      (Printer output)

   10 OPEN 1,1,0,"NAME"               (Read from cassette)

   10 OPEN 1,1,1,"NAME"               (Write to cassette)

   10 OPEN 1,2,0,CHR$(10)             (open channel to RS-232 device)

   10 OPEN 1,4,0,"STRING"             (Send upper case/graphics to
                                       the printer)

   10 OPEN 1,4,7,"STRING"             (Send upper/lower case to

   10 OPEN 1,5,7,"STRING"             (Send upper/lower case to
                                       printer with device # 5)

   10 OPEN 1,8,15,"COMMAND"           (Send a command to disk)

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