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LINE 75:
IFP=193THEN GOSUB300 If the sprite pointer is set to 193 (the second sprite shape) the waveform control for the second sound effect (Voice 2) is set to 129 and 128 per line 300.
LINE 80:
POKE2040,P Sets the SPRITE POINTER to location 192 (remember P=192 in line 45? Here's where we use the P).
FORT=1TO60: NEXT A simple time delay loop which sets the speed at which the mouse dances. (Try a faster or slower speed by increasing/decreasing the number 60.)
LINE 85:
P=P+1 Now we increase the value of the pointer by adding 1 to the original value of P.
IFP>194THEN P=192 We only want to point the sprite to 3 memory locations. 192 points to locations 12288 to 12350, 193 points to locations 12352 to 12414, and 194 points to locations 12416 to 12478. This line tells the computer to reset P back to 192 as soon as P becomes 195 so P never really becomes 195. P is 192, 193, 194 and then resets back to 192 and the pointer winds up pointing consecutively to the three sprite shapes in the three 64-byte groups of memory locations containing the DATA.

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