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Priority means one sprite will appear to move "in front of" or "behind" another sprite on the display screen. Sprites with more priority always appear to move "in front of" or "on top of" sprites with less priority. The rule is that lower numbered sprites have priority over higher numbered sprites. Sprite 0 has priority over all other sprites. Sprite 7 has no priority in relation to the other sprites. Sprite 1 has priority over sprites 2-7, etc. If you put two sprites in the some position, the sprite with the higher priority will appear IN FRONT OF the sprite with the lower priority. The sprite with lower priority will either be obscured, or will "show through" (from "behind") the sprite with higher priority.


You can create multi-colored sprites although using multi-color mode requires that you use PAIRS of pixels instead of individual pixels in your sprite picture (in other words each colored "dot" or "block" in the sprite will consist of two pixels side by side). You have 4 colors to choose from: Sprite Color (chart,above), Multi-Color 1, Multi-Color 2 and "Background Color" (background is achieved by using zero settings which let the background color "show through"). Consider one horizontal 8-pixel block in a sprite picture. The color of each PAIR of pixels is determined according to whether the left, right, or both pixels are solid, like this:
BACKGROUND(Making BOTH PIXELS BLANK (zero) lets the INNER SCREEN COLOR (background) show through.)
MULTI-COLOR 1(Making the RIGHT PIXEL SOLID in a pair of pixels sets BOTH PIXELS to Multi-Color 1.)
SPRITE COLOR(Making the LEFT PIXEL SOLID in a pair of pixels sets BOTH PIXELS to Sprite Color.)
MULTI-COLOR 2(Making BOTH PIXELS SOLID in a pair of pixels sets BOTH PIXELS to Multi-Color 2.)

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