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Let us suppose that location $02 contains $45, and location $03 contains $10. If the instruction to load the accumulator in the indexed indirect mode is executed and the specified zero page address is $02, then the actual address will be:

   Low order = contents of ($02+X)
   High order = contents of ($03+X)
   X register = $00

Thus the actual pointer is in = $02 + X = $02.

Therefore, the actual address is the indirect address contained in $02 which is again $1045.

The title of this mode does in fact imply the principle, although it may be difficult to grasp at first sight. Look at it this way:

"I am going to deliver this letter to the fourth post office at address $01,MEMORY ST., and the address on the letter will then be delivered to $1600, MEMORY street." This is equivalent to the code:

   LDA #$00    - load low order actual base address
   STA $06     - set the low byte of the indirect address
   LDA #$16    - load high order indirect address
   STA $07     - set the high byte of the indirect address
   LDX #$05    - set the indirect index (X)
   LDA ($02,X) - load indirectly indexed by X

NOTE: Of the two indirect methods of addressing, the first (indirect indexed) is far more widely used.

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