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The following notation applies to this summary:

    A       Accumulator

    X, Y    Index Registers

    M       Memory

    P       Processor Status Register

    S       Stack Pointer

    /       Change

    _       No Change

    +       Add

    ∧       Logical AND

    -       Subtract

    ∀       Logical Exclusive Or

    ↑       Transfer from Stack

    ↓       Transfer to Stack

    →       Transfer to

    ←       Transfer from

    ∨       Logical OR

    PC      Program Counter

    PCH     Program Counter High

    PCL     Program Counter Low



Note: At the top of each table is located in parentheses a reference number (Ref: XX) which directs the user to that Section in the MCS6500 Microcomputer Family Programming Manual in which the instruction is defined and discussed.

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