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B-8. Function Name: CLALL

Purpose: Close all files
Call address: $FFE7 (hex) 65511 (decimal)
Communication registers:None
Preparatory routines: None
Error returns: None
Stack requirements: 11
Registers affected: A, X

Description: This routine closes all open files. When this routine is called, the pointers into the open file table are reset, closing all files. Also, the CLRCHN routine is automatically called to reset the I/O channels. How to Use: 1) Call this routine. EXAMPLE: JSR CLALL ;CLOSE ALL FILES AND SELECT DEFAULT I/O CHANNELS JMP RUN ;BEGIN EXECUTION

B-9. Function Name: CLOSE

Purpose: Close a logical file
Call address: $FFC3 (hex) 65475 (decimal)
Communication registers:A
Preparatory routines: None
Error returns: 0,240 (See READST)
Stack requirements: 2+
Registers affected: A, X, Y

Description: This routine is used to close a logical file after all I/O operations have been completed on that file. This routine is called after the accumulator is loaded with the logical file number to be closed (the same number used when the file was opened using the OPEN routine).

How to Use:

  1. Load the accumulator with the number of the logical file to be closed.
  2. Call this routine.


   ;CLOSE 15
   LDA #15

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