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Most of the time you won't even have to think about using another com- pany's computer, because your Commodore 64 is so easy to use. But for the occasional user who wants to take advantage of software that may not be available in Commodore 64 format we have created a Commodore CP/M® cartridge.

CP/M® is not a "computer dependent" operating system. Instead it uses some of the memory space normally available for programming to run its own operating system. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. The disadvantages are that the programs you write will have to be shorter than the programs you can write using the Commodore 64's built-in operating system. In addition, you can NOT use the Commodore 64's powerful screen editing capabilities. The advantages are that you can now use a large amount of software that has been specifically designed for CP/M® and the Z-80 microprocessor, and the programs that you write using the CP/M® operating system can be transported and run on any other computer that has CP/M® and a Z-80 card.

By the way, most computers that have a Z-80 microprocessor require that you go inside the computer to actually install a Z-80 card. With this method you have to be very careful not to disturb the delicate circuitry that runs the rest of the computer. The Commodore CP/M& cartridge eliminates this hassle because our Z-80 cartridge plugs into the back of your Commodore 64 quickly and easily, without any messy wires that can cause problems later.


The Commodore Z-80 cartridge let's you run programs designed for a Z-80 microprocessor on your Commodore 64. The cartridge is provided with a diskette containing the Commodore CP/M® operating system.


To run CP/M®:

  1. LOAD the CP/M® program from your disk drive.
  2. Type RUN.
  3. Hit the <RETURN> key.

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