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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

    ADC (ZP),Z
    CMP (ZP),Z
    SBC (ZP),Z

    CPZ IMM		Compare Z register with memory immediate,
    CPZ ZP		zero page, and
    CPZ ABS		absolute.

3. Loads, Stores, Pushes, Pulls and Transfers

    LDA (ZP),Z		formerly (ZP)

    LDZ IMM		Load Z register immediate,
    LDZ ABS		absolute,
    LDZ ABS,X		absolute,X.

    LDA (d,SP),Y	Load Accum via stack vector indexed by Y
    STA (d,SP),Y	and Store

    STX ABS,Y		Store X Absolute, Y
    STY ABS,X		Store Y Absolute, X

    STZ ZP		Store Z register (formerly store zero)
    STZ ZP, X

    STA (ZP),Z		formerly (ZP)

    PHD IMM		Push Data Immediate (word)
    PHD ABS		Push Data Absolute (word)

    PHZ 		Push Z register onto stack
    PLZ 		Pull Z register from stack
    TAZ 		Transfer Accumulator to Z register
    TZA 		Transfer Z register to Accumulator

    TAB 		Transfer Accumulator to Base page register
    TBA 		Transfer Base page register to Accumulator

    TSY 		Transfer Stack Pointer High byte to Y register
			 and set "byte" stack-pointer mode
    TYS 		Transfer Y register to Stack Pointer High byte
			 and set "word" stack-pointer mode

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