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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

And memory logically with accumulator   AND


Addressing Mode Abbrev. Opcode
immediate IMM 29
base page BP 25
base page indexed X BP,X 35
absolute ABS 2D
absolute indexed X ABS,X 3D
absolute indexed Y ABS,Y 39
base page indexed indirect X (BP,X) 21
base page indirect indexed Y (BP),Y 31
base page indirect indexed Z (BP),Z 32
Bytes Cycles Mode
2 2 immediate
2 3 base page non-indexed, or indexed X or Y
3 4 absolute non-indexed, or indexed X or Y
2 5 base page indexed indirect X, or indirect indexed Y or Z

The AND instructions perform a logical "and" between data bits fetched from memory and the accumulator bits. The results are then stored in the accumulator. For each accumulator and corresponding memory bit that are both logical 1's, the result is a 1. Otherwise it is 0.

The "N" or Negative flag will be set if the bit 7 result is a 1. otherwise it is cleared. The "Z" or Zero flag is set if all result bits are zero, otherwise, it is cleared.

    N V E B D I Z C
    N - - - - - Z -

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