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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

2.4 The CSG 4567 System/Video Controller

2.4.1 Description

The CSG 4567 is a low-cost high-peformance system/video controller, designed to be used in a wide variety of low-end home-computer type systems ranging from joystick controlled video games to high-end home-productivity machines with built-in disk drives and monitor. The 4567 was designed with Commodore-64 (C64) architecture as a subset of its advanced features. In addition to having all of the C64 video modes, it also supports the character attributes - blink, bold, reverse video, and underline, and can display any of the new or old video modes in 80 column or 640 horizontal pixel format, as well as the older 40 column 320 pixel format.

A new "bitplane" video mode was added to allow the displaying of true bitplane type video, with-up to eight bitplanes in.320 pixel mode and up to four in 640 pixel mode. The 4567-can also time-multiplex the bitplanes to give a true four-color 1280 pixel picture. Vertical resolution is maintained at 200 lines as standard, but can be doubled to 400 with interlace.

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