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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

3.0 System Software

3.1 BASIC 10.0




C64DX BASIC 10.0



This section lists BASIC 10.0 commands, statements, and functions in alphabetical order. it gives a complete list of the rules (syntax) of BASIC 10.0, along with a concise description of each. COMMAND AND STATEMENT FORMAT

The commands and statements presented in this section are governed by consistant format conventions designed to make them as clear as possible. In most cases, there are several actual examples to illustrate what the actual command looks like. The following example shows some of the format conventions that are used in the BASIC commands:

     EXAMPLE:     DLOAD <"program name"|(file_name_var)> [,U#] [,D#]
                    |            |                         |     |
                    |            |                         |     |
                keyword       argument (if any)        optional arguments

The parts of the command or statement that the user must type in exactly as they appear are in capital letters. Words that don't have to be typed exactly, such as the name of the program, are not capitalized. When quote marks (" ") appear (usually around a program or file name), the user should include them in the appropriate place according, to the format example.

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