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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

This function returns the angle whose tangent is the value of the numeric expression, measured in radians. The result is in the range of -PI/2 to PI/2 radians.

                X = ATN (4 5)           Result is X=1.54050257

To get the arc tangent of an angle measured in degrees, multiply the- numeric expression by pi/180.

AUTO - Enable or disable automatic line numbering

                              AUTO [increment]

Turns on the automatic line numbering feature which eases the job of entering programs by typing the line numbers for the user. As each program line is entered by pressing RETURN the next line number is printed on the screen, with the cursor in position to begin typing that line. The increment parameter refers to the increment between line numbers. AUTO with no increment given turns off auto line numbering. AUTO mode is also turned off automatically when a program is RUN. This statement is executable only in direct mode.

    AUTO 10     automatically numbers line in increments of ten.
    AUTO 50     automatically numbers line in increments of fifty.
    AUTO        turns off automatic line numbering.

BACKGROUND - Set the background color of the display

                              BACKGROUND color

Sets the screen background color to the given color. The color given must be in the range (1-15). See the Color Table.

BACKUP - Backup an entire disk from one drive to another

         BACKUP Dsource-drive TO Ddestination-drive [<ON|,>Udevice]

This command copies all the files on a diskette to another on a dual drive system only. It cannot backup diskettes using CBM serial bus type drives, for example. If the destination diskette is unformatted, BACKUP will automatically format it. BACKUP copies every sector, so any data already on the destination diskette will be overwritten. To copy specific files from one drive to another, use the COPY command.

NOTE: This command can only be used with a dual disk drive, such as the built-in C64DX drive and optional F016-type expansion drive. To backup diskettes using different drives, such as the built-in drive and a 1581-type serial bus drive, use a utility program.'

    BACKUP DO to D1             Copies all files from the disk in
                                drive 0 to the disk in drive 1.
    BACKUP DO TO D1, ON U9      Copies all files from drive 0 to
                                drive 1 in disk drive unit 9.

BANK - Set the memory bank number for PEEK,POKE,SYS,WAIT,LOAD,SAVE

                              BANK memory_bank

                    [*** THIS COMMAND MIGHT CHANGE ***J

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