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Please complete this form as completely as possible and mail or express it to:

Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Telephone: 215-431-9427
1200 Wilson Drive Fax: 215-431-9156
West Chester, PA 19380 Email: fred@cbmvax.commodore.com

Attention: Fred Bowen, Engineering
Company Name
Company Address
Your NameYour Phone
Your system

Serial No.__________ PCB rev_____________ Software ver________ ROM Chksum__________
4510 rev____________ 4567 rev____________ F011(DOS)___________ F018(DMA)___________

Your problem Explain the problem here and show how to cause it. Attach sample program.





It happens: ____ all the time ____ frequently ____ occasionally

_____ C64 mode
_____ C64DX mode
_____ Hardware
_____ Software
_____ Mechanical
_____ Documentation
_____ Compability
In your opinion, how bad is the problem? ____ Must fix, no workaround
  ____ I can work around it
____ Check here if you need to be contacted ____ Minor problem
Please leave this space blank




Number Received Contacted Completed


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