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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

                        CCCC         666      555555
                       C    C       6         5
                       C           6          5
                       C           6          55555
                       C           66666      5    5
                       C           6    6          5
                       C           6    6          5
                       C    C      6    6     5    5
                        CCCC        6666       5555

Copyright 1991 Commodore Business Machines, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

This documentation contains confidential, proprietary, and unpublished information of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. The reproduction, dissemination, disclosure or translation of this information to others without the prior written consent of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. is strictly prohibited.

Notice is hereby given that the works of authorship contained herein are owned by Commodore Business Machines, Inc. pursuant to U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17 U.S.C. 3101 et. seq.

This system specification reflects the latest information available at this time. Updates will occur as the system evolves. Commodore Business Machines, Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to the information contained herein including the quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness of this information or the system as described.

This system specification contains the contributions of several people including: Fred Bowen, Paul Lassa, Bill Gardei, and Victor Andrade.

Portions of the BASIC ROM code are Copyright 1977 Microsoft.

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