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Issue 7, 1984 : Computer 4

Model: C16, PLUS 4


A0 to A15 Address Bit 0 to 15
AEC Address Enable Control
ATN Attention
BA Bus Available
BRESET Buffered System Reset
C1 HIGH, C1 LOW External Cartridge Chip Select
C2 HIGH, C2 LOW External Cartridge Chip Select
CAS Dynamic RAM Column Address Strobe
CLK IN Master Clock (Single Phase, 14.31818 MHz)
COLOR Chroma Output
COMP Composite Chroma and Luma
CE Chip Enable
CS Chip Select
CS0 Low ROM Chip Select
CS1 High ROM Chip Select
CST MTR Cassette Motor Control
CST RD Cassette Read
CST SENSE Cassette Sensor
CST WRT Cassette Write
CTS Clear To Send
DB0 to DB7 Data Bit 0 to 7
DCD Data Carrier Detect
DRAM Dynamic RAM
DRAM ADD Dynamic RAM Address
DSR Data Set Ready
DTR Data Terminal Ready
EXT AUDIO External Audio Input
IRQ Interupt Request
K0 to K7 Keyboard Latch 0 to 7
KERN Kernal ROM Control Line
LUM Composite Sync and Luminence
MUX Address Multiplex Control
P0 to P7 Port Bit 0 to 7
RAS Dynamic RAM Row Address Strobe
RESET System Reset
RxC Receive Clock
RxD Receive Data
R/W Read/Write Line
RTS Request To Send
SND Sound Line
TED Text Display
TxD Trasmit Data
Ø0 System Clock (Varies between 1 and 2 MHz)
Ø2 Artificial Ø2, Address Valid Rising Edge, Data Valid Falling Edge

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