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About this site

This particular site have existed in the Internet since January 1997 on various hardware.. it all started with a little Osborne 486 box (with 8 MB of RAM) located at campus network of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. After one minor Slashdotting incident at 1999 the server was moved away from the campus network to a private line. Hardware was upgraded to Unisys' 486 with 24 MB of RAM. After the move, the site has been hanging behind cable modems and ADSL lines until 2006, when the site was moved to a real server hardware with proper connectivity.

At around the time of move out from the campus, the server operating system was upgraded from Red Hat Linux to OpenBSD and it has stayed that way ever since.

From the beginning the site has been developed on OS/2 Warp workstation, running support systems like Apache, PHP and sometimes even MySQL.

While a lot has changed, the old stuff remains the same - so enjoy the nostalgia!

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1999 - present www.devili.iki.fi

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