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Pasi Ojala


Magazine articles
C=HackingIssue 3 (July 15th, 1992)The Demo Corner: Missing Cycles
 Issue 4 (October 5th, 1992)The Demo Corner: FLI - more color to the screen
 Issue 4 (October 5th, 1992)Introduction to the VIC-II
 Issue 5 (March 7th, 1993)The Demo Corner: Stretching Sprites
 Issue 6 (September 5th, 1993)The Demo Corner: DYCP - Horizontal Scrolling
 Issue 6 (September 5th, 1993)Opening the borders
 Issue 7 (February, 1994)Tech-tech - more resolution to vertical shift
 Issue 10 (July, 1995)BFLI - New graphics modes 2
 Issue 16 (April 26th, 1998)PAL VIC20 goes NTSC
 Issue 16 (April 26th, 1998)Compression Basics
 Issue 17 (November 15th, 1998)An Optimizing Hybrid LZ77 RLE Data Compression Program, aka Improving Compression Ratio for Low-Resource Decompression
 Issue 18 (July 3rd, 1999)Data Structures 101: Linked Lists
 Issue 18 (July 3rd, 1999)Counting Sort
 Issue 19 (May 29th, 2000)Burst Fastloader for the C64

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