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Stephen L. Judd


Magazine articles
C=HackingIssue 8 (August 7th, 1994)A Different Perspective: Three-Dimensional Graphics on the C64
 Issue 9 (January 24th, 1995)2D Graphics Toolbox -- Circles
 Issue 9 (January 24th, 1995)A Different Perspective, part II
 Issue 10 (July, 1995)A Different Perspective, part III
 Issue 11 (December 4th, 1995)The Graphics Toolbox
 Issue 12 (March 15th, 1996)"Polygonamy": A Study in 3 Dimensions
 Issue 13 (July, 1996)Hacking Graphics: Dim4: A Mind Expanding Experience
 Issue 16 (April 26th, 1998)Starfields
 Issue 16 (April 26th, 1998)3D for the Masses: Cool World and the 3D Library
 Issue 16 (April 26th, 1998)BSOUT
 Issue 17 (November 15th, 1998)BSOUT
 Issue 17 (November 15th, 1998)SuperCPU Software Repair
 Issue 17 (November 15th, 1998)asters Class: "NTSC/PAL fixing, part I
 Issue 18 (July 3rd, 1999)Masters Class: "NTSC/PAL fixing: FLI
 Issue 18 (July 3rd, 1999)Obj3d: The 3D object library
 Issue 18 (July 3rd, 1999)Data Structures 101: Linked Lists
 Issue 18 (July 3rd, 1999)BSOUT
 Issue 19 (May 29th, 2000)JPEG: Decoding and Rendering on a C64
 Issue 20 (April 18th, 2001)The C64 Digi
 Issue 20 (April 18th, 2001)BSOUT
 Issue 20 (April 18th, 2001)Quick Quadratic Splines
 Issue 21 (February 5th, 2002)BSOUT
 Issue 21 (February 5th, 2002)The Art of the Minigame
disC=overyIssue 1 (May 17th, 1996)Some preliminary data on VDC timing
 Issue 2 (October 1st, 1996)SID Primer: The Working Man's Guide to SID
 Issue 3 (March 26th, 1997)Rommaging around : $A480-$A856
 Issue 3 (March 26th, 1997)A look into 'The Fridge'

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