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Volume 11, issue 2 (February, 1986): Text Processing

Table of Contents
Editorial: The Best of BIX Comes to BYTE6
Fixes and Updates33
What's New37, 395
Ask BYTE44
Clubs and Newsletters54
Book Reviews57
Event Queue78
Disks and Downloads350
Best of BIX363
Unclassified Ads453
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box BOMB Results454
Reader Service455
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build an Audio-and-Video Multiplexer84
With AVMUX, Steve is well on his way to an automated switching system.
Steve Ciarcia
Programming Project: A SIMPL Compiler, Part 3: Extensions102
This particular project concludes with a look at the design choices involved.
Jonathan Amsterdam
Introduction to the Amiga ROM Kernel116
Procedures and functions are useful but can be difficult to compile.
Robert J. Mical
Visual Programming135
Visual Syntax is an editor for LISP that displays programs as pictures.
Ralph Levien
Programming Insight: Molecules in Color149
COLOR3D.BAS is a BASIC program for the IBM PC that displays molecules on an RGB monitor.
John I. Farrel
Programming Insight: Badfile: CP/M System Programming in C152
This utility supplies the names and locations of files contaning bad sectors or tracks.
Louis Baker
Computer Science Considerations169
Donald Knuth speaks on his involvement with digital typography.
G. Michael Vose, Gregg Williams
Processing Strings in SNOBOL4175
This article presents examples of the language's pattern-matching capabilities.
James F. Gimpel
Interpretation of Natural Language189
The authors suggest a potential application of parallelism.
Jordan Pollack, David L. Waltz
Typesetting Problem Scripts201
Computer typesetting provides a solution for Arabic and similar scripts.
Pierre A. MacKay
Poetry Processing221
The concept of artistic freedom takes on new meaning when text processing handles the mundane tasks of prosody.
Michael Newman
The Literary Detective231
Use your computer to identify an unknown author.
Jim Tankard
Keyboard Effiency241
Donald W. Olson, Laurie E. Jasinski
Reviewer's Notebook251
Glenn Hartwig
The Motorola VME/10253
A modular multiuser system.
Robert E. Robinson III
Dayna's bridge between the Macintosh and the IBM PC.
Larry Crockett
Lattice's 8086/8088 C Compiler273
Release 2.15 features new math libraries.
Dayle S. Woolston
Turbo Pascal 3.0281
An update on Borland's compiler.
Mark Bridger
Review Feedback287
Readers respond to previous reviews.
Computing at Chaos Manor: Communications291
Jerry finds that the hectic pace of his life is normal and pushes on.
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail315
Jerry's readers write, and he replies.
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE Japan: Highlights of Two Shows317
Bill reports on many of the new products he found of interest at Japan's 1985 Software Show and Data Show.
William M. Raike
BYTE U.K.: Tripos -- The Roots of AmigaDOS321
This month Dick takes a look at the Amiga's operating system and its origins in Cambridge, England.
Dick Pountain
According to Webster: Programming Tools and the Atari 520ST331
A follow-up package for Turbo Pascal owners in Bruce's product of the month.
Bruce Webster
Circuit Cellar Feedback346
Steve answers project-related queries from readers.
Steve Ciarcia

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