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Volume 5, issue 5 (May, 1984)

Table of Contents
Store Speech and Music on Your System44
The CompuFone offers a wide range of possibilities: voice storage and forward systems, CAI, remote data entry, hone patches, and a host of other applications.
Randy Reitz
S-100 Product Directory59
A compheresive guide to S-100 products from over 150 sources
Sol Libes
S-100 Vendor Addresses70
A cross reference guide
Control Your Lab with a Stepper Motor80
The MC100, designed as a development system for projects that use stepper motors, will be special interest to people working in areas where mechanical motion is a concern
Joseph W. Long
Simplified Command Line92
SYNONYM's ability to condense commands and pass parameters to them makes it a convient and powerful program
Joseph Katz
UNIX Front-End Power for CP/M98
C/NIX contributes UNIX-like features to CP/M-80 and provides the user with a practical introduction to the everyday world of UNIX
Robert A. Langevin
The *WATSTAR Network104
How a Canadian University -- using off-the-self 8-bit hardware -- created a shared disk system and cured computer congestion
John G. Wilson
Down With Line Numbers112
A preprocessor, written in C, that demostrates the utility of C and allows writing in Basic to be more structured
James L. Shearer
Editor's Page8
The microcomputer market: where it's going and where we fit in
Mark Rollins
News and Views10
ISSCC features papers on new IC device, IBM announces UNIX for PC, DRI drops CP/M-86 Plus, IBM sues two rivals on PC ROM copyright, Motorola and DRI announce software agreement
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus16
ÒMix and matchÓ problems in upgrading your system
Dave Hardy
From the Sidelines24
The PCjr finally arrives
Hank Kee
The UNIX File32
Using the USENET network for intermation exchange; the shell as a programming language.
Ian F. Darwin
In the Public Domain39
Public domain software written in C
Chris Terry
The CP/M Bus40
More on Forth in the CP/M environment
Randy Reitz
Letters to the Editor118
This month... A SAL/80 rebuttal, more on file transfer systems, and a note from paraGraphics
New Products124
Vector S-100 interface, SuperCord II interface transfers typewriter into printer, Super Cadet business computer, Floppy disk storage file
Software Directory128
APPGEN, FileDriver, MAGIC/MPS, Lattice 8086 C Compiler (with 8087 support) Version 2.1, JETIII, ANSI Standard MUMPS, DESIGNER SCREENS, BASXREF

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