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IIS Solutions

Volume 1, issue 1 (September, 1997)

Table of Contents
Implementing a Guest Book Using Active Data Objects (ADO)1
One of the greatest achivements of Active Server Pages is the ability to access an ODBC database using Active Data Objects (ADO). There are many possibilities once you tie your web server is a database. you can use it as an online product database. You can use it to build a help desk or technical support database. In the following article, Chistoph Willie will demonstrate how to use ADO to implement a guest book. With just a few modifications, you can use the source code and Access database to implement a customer guest book on your web site.
Christoph Willie
The Editor's Page: Welcome!2
Arthur Knowles
Quick Tip7
Number of hits over a given time?
Dynamic HTML - Fact or Fiction? Dynamist Amidst Controversy8
The biggest challenge all of us have is keeping up with Internet technologies. Things change so fast, it is almost impossible to keep up. One day Microsoft is pointing out the new road to glory. The next day Netscape is pointing out their interpretation of it. In between these two contenders is the World Wide Web Consortium, struggling to bring both contestants into the ring and to find common ground. In this article, Ed Tittel will no only point out the advantages of using dynamic HTML, but will explain the difference between the various viewpoints. He also will show you how to stay informed about the upcoming battle by providing a wealth of URLs to access key sites on the Internet.
Ed Tittel
Internet Information Server Tips and Tricks14
Whether you are a new user or and old hand, an undesstanding of the authentication method supported by the Internet Information Server is somethhing you should grasp with both hands and hang on to tightly. Authentication is part of the core system model for Windows NT and is often misunderstood. If you plan to provide more than just anonymous access to your site, you'll not only need to undestand how it works, but how to apply it. The following article, by Arthur Knowles, is about how to use the various authentication methods supported by the WWW service, and how to use NTFS permissions on your data to restrict access to specific users.
Arthur Knowles
Teaching a New Dog Some Old Tricks: Rediscovering Perl and CGI18
You may be a webmaster whoa is new to the Internet Information Server and looking for an easier way to accomplish a task than using Active Server Pages, ISAPI filters, or ActiveX applications. Or you may be a UNIX webmaster with a host of Perl scripts. In either case, using Perl with the Internet Information Server may be just what you need. In this article, Kent Tegels will no only show you where you can get Perl5 for the Internet Information Server, but he will show you how to install and configure it to get you up and running within minutes.
Kent Tegels

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