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Volume 5, issue 6 (June, 1984)

Table of Contents
Implementing X.25 Communications Protocol46
This protocol is a foundation for super high-speed communications, in the megabits per second transmission range
Eric L. Beser
RCPM and RPC Systems: An Overview56
How to gain access to the many RCPM software exchange systems, download software, and share infromation with other users
The RCPM Directory64
A guide to the current RCPM systems in the United States and Canada
Computer-to-Computer File Transfers70
Techniques for transferring machine code files between computers
William C. Parke
Communications Versatility with ASCOM76
A serial communications program that can perform nearly any file transfer or remote terminal function
Eric R. Haberfellner, G. David A. Weston
Gain Remote Access to Your Own System91
A way to set up your system so that you can log on as a remote terminal
Bobby A. Jones
Interfacing to the 8250 UART98
A simple yet powerful dual-channel serial I/O board that offers data rates up to 38.4 kilobaud under full software control
Mark Zeiger
212A Modems: A Comparison108
Smart modems are becoming less expensive and more models are available: here is a representative sampling
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
AT&T Enters the Micro/Mini Market114
AT&T has introduced an extended family of computers which use the same supermicroprocessor, the WE 32000
Bruce H. Hunter
Editor's Page8
Lack of programming interface threatens software usefulness
Mark Rollins
News and Views10
IBM releases XENIX for system 9000, IBM ships XTs with 16032 coprocessors, AMI releases specs on CP/M microchip, 32-bit microprocessor IC news, Anti-software piracy fund formed, CP/M system prices drop
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus18
S-100 interrupts, clock signals, realtime clocks and power requirements
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File24
UNIX for realtime work, using Òmake,Ó and some UNIX philosophy
Ian F. Darwin
The CP/M Bus32
I/O redirection in CP/M Plus
Randy Reitz
The MS-DOS Window38
The MS-DOS shell command, IBM portable PC, and MS-DOS on DEC equipment
Hank Kee
In the Public Domain42
Public Domain software for IBM PC
Chris Terry
Letters to the Editor44
This month... trig functions in CBasic, the Julian dating system, and DIMS
Software Directory122
Perfect Link, CO-MAIL, ACOM, Preview-Pak, General Accounting Program Package
New Products128
Data Sentry modem, Full duplex autodial modem, The Volksmodem, PC-Handler creates PC network

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