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Volume 5, issue 9 (September, 1984)

Table of Contents
Elegance, Power and Functionality in Text Processing37
Elements in text editors that appeal to programmers
Chris Terry
XyWrite for Programmers and Writers38
This extraordinary word processor just may become the first one to be widely used by programmers
David McCune
PMATE -- The Programmer's Tool42
A versatile screen editor, PMATE has powerful features such as macros and multiple buffers that help the software developer
Todd Katz
Technical Formatting with ROFF448
ROFF4 incorporates equations and special characters in text
Ernest E. Bergmann
Customizing Wordstar 3.358
Learn the new patch areas in the latest revision of WordStar
Joseph Katz
AT&T 6300 Micro -- It's More than a Clone58
AT&T has entered the competiotion with a system that offers near 100% PC-DOS compatability, and some unique enhancements
Hank Kee
DEC PRO/350: A Mini in Micro-Fleece72
Altrough nominally a micro, the power of te DEC PRO/350 makes it perform more like a mini
David Fournier
How to Interface with the IEEE-488 Bus88
Learn the characteristics and use of the IEEE-488 bus
Peter L. Anderson
The Tecmar Graphics Master Color Card106
The Graphics Master can replace, augment, or accompany the standard IBM color boards, and offers an enhanced 16-color more
Dov Jacobson
CO-Power-88: The SWP Coprocessor114
Put the 8088 board on your 8-bit machine, and add MS-DOS to your CP/M-80 system
James G. Owen
Editor's Page6
AT&T's 6300: a bridge to the future
Mark Rollins
News and Views8
IBM networking; CP/M and Apple IIC; A brave new operating system S1; Multiprocessing on the PC
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus14
Building an NSC-800 adaptor for CPU 8085/8088 processor board
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File16
The UNSENIX 1984 Summer Conference
Ian F. Darwin
MS-DOS Window22
MultiMate and DisplayWrite 2 -- competitors for the WP market
Hank Kee
Graphics Palette29
GKS - The Graphical Kernal System
David McCune
New Products120
Aphacom 42 printer; Portable computer with windows - IS-11; Desktop printer stand; Smith-Corona's L-1000; MagicPrint; MASS-11pc; Word Wand; WordMarc; Csharp Realtime Toolkit

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