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Volume 10, issue 12 (November, 1985): Graphics hardware

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: The Word's Smallest 1200-bps Modem89
The essential indredient in the turnkey bulletin board
Steve Ciarcia
Programming Project: An assembler for VM2112
This assembler can ease the pain of machine-language programming
Jonathan Amsterdam
Programming Project: Extending Turbo Pascal123
Five subroutine libraries can enhance your Turbo Pascal working environment
Bruce Webster
CD-ROMs and Their Kin137
Developments in optical data storage
Richard S. Shuford
Highs and Lows of Parameter Passing151
You can access assembly-language routines from your Pascal or FORTRAN programs
Michael Kilian
Programming Insight: Game-Paddle Control Linearity Test161
Measuring resistance with the Apple II
Marvin L. De Jong
The Amiga's Custom Graphics Chips169
A conversation with Jay Miner, the chips' designer
Phillip Robinson
Raster Operations187
Integrating text and graphics in high-performance systems
John Bennet
Moving Pictures207
Designing systems for real-time graphics performance
Stefan Demetrescu
High-Resolution Printer Graphics219
You can address the individual dots used to generate dot-matrix characters
Mark Bridger, Mark Goresky
The μPD7281 Processor237
A non-von Neumann chip designed for high-speed parallel prcessing for images
Tom Jeffery
Reviewer's Notebook253
Glenn Hartwig
The Data General/One254
A capable 11-pound portable
Wayne Rash Jr.
Sanyo MBC-775266
A portable IBM PC-compatible with built-in color monitor
Bruce Roberts
Five C Compilers for the Macintosh275
Aztec C, Hippo-C, Mac C, Megamax C and Softworks Macintosh C
Tim Field
This descendant of FORTH is a complete environment for program development
Michael W. Gilbert, Albert S. Woodhull
IBM's Professional Graphics System355
For what you get, it's less expensive than it seems
Rik Jadrnicek
Juki's 6300 Daisy-Wheel Printer361
Letter-quality output and Diablo compatibility
Wayne Rash Jr.
Review Feedback367
Computing at Chaos Manor: Old Favorites and New Ones373
ARPANET, BIX, Zeke, SideKick, SuperKey, Kaypro 286i, NCC, Fastback, Janus Ada and Seastalker
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail399
Jerry Pournelle
According to Webster: Memories401
Monster Mac, Megamax C, Future mac Designs, Amiga, Tecmar T-card, Atari 520ST, Proper Balance, NCC and Optical Disks
Bruce Webster
BYTE U.K.: Living C-Personal419
A real-time C debugging environment
Dick Pountain
Mathematical Recreations: Repeating Decimals433
Cycles, sequences, and late repeaters
Robert T. Kurosaka
BYTE Japan: Comparing Fujitsus445
The Fujitsu FM-16 and an update on the NEC PC-9801M2
William M. Raike
Circuit Cellar Feedback450
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: A Tale of Four Covers6
Robert Tinney
Apple Introduces Add-ons for II, Macintosh
Intel Sampling 80386 Microprocessor
AT&T Will Sell Alloy MS-DOS Emulator for UNIX PC
Northewst Instruments Unveils Hardware-based Software Analyzer
Fixes and Updates33
BYTE's Bugs: RAMDIC Corrections
BYTE's Bits: Writing for BYTE available; New Number for BYTEnet Listings; BYTEnet Listings Goes On Line in the United Kingdom
What's New37, 452
Three Expert-System Generators (Neuron Data's Nexpert, Radian Corporations's RuleMaster and Aion Corporation's Aion Development System/PC); FORTH Development System for Atari's 520ST (The Dragon Group's 4xFORTH); Ansa's Paradox Database (Ansa Software); Banker Board Gives Color Computer 256K Bytes (J&R Electronics' The Banker); SideKick for the Macintosh (Borland International Inc.); Bubble-Memory Subsystem from Intel (BPK 70AZ-6C); Multitasking Operating System Toolbox for IBM PC (Wendin); Hewlett-Packard's LaserJet Plus; EPROM Emulator (GP Industrial Electornics XM512); Fast 20-megabyte Backup tape (Genoa Systems Corporation)
New systems: Dasher/One from Data General; IBM PC XT-compatible (Americal Computer and Peripheral Inc.); Turbo PC (PC's Limited); Wang Advanced Professional Computer (Wang Laboratories Inc.'s APC); Low-COst Two-Drive System form Apricot (F2)
Peripherals: Dual Disk Drive for Commodore (HBH Sales' The Clone); Heath EPROM Programmer Kit (ID-4801); Series 1500 Graphics Display Terminals (Cleveland Codonics); Apple II Touch Window (Personal Touch); Desktop Skanners (CompuScan's PCS 230 and PCS 240)
Add-ins: Tattletale Data Logger (Onset Computer Corporation' Tattletale Model II); Fiber-Obtic Modem for the IBM PC (ICS Inc. FOC1); HyperDrive 20 for the Macintosh (General Computer Company); Model 1018 Multi-I/O Board (Industrial Computer Designs, Inc.); Color Graphics for the Apple II Line (Video-7 Inc.); IntorVoice IV for the IBM PC XT (The Voice Connection)
Software - IBM PC: Text Retriever Works with Optical Disks (Reference Technology's Clasix STA/F); Cost Modelling for Semiconductor Parts (Fountain Hills Software); Thai/English Word Processor (Megachomp Co. Duanglang); Programs for Chemists (Molecular Design Ltd. ChemBase and ChemText)
Software - Apple: Apple-to-Mac Translator (Abaton Technology Corp.'s Abaton Transform); DOS for Apple IIs (Foscil Labs/Datacom Media FDOS); Pascal Pop-up (dogStar Software *Monitor); Animated Simulation (High-Performance Systems' Stella); Structural Analysis with Mac (Design Source Software MacFrame 2D); Duo for Recording, Graphing Data (Sof-Ware Tools' Stats Tool Kit and Process Control Chart Tool)
Software - other computers: Assembler, Debugger, Communications for Hitachi Chip (Echelon Inc.); Traveling ROM (The Ultimate ROM); Math Subroutine Library (Quantitative Technology Corp.'s Math Advantage; Features Added to Paint Porgram (Media Cybernetics Inc. Dr. Halo II)
Ask BYTE44
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs and Newsletters54
Book Reviews57
Macintosh Revealed, Volume One: Unlocking The Toolbox
Advanced Programmer's Guide Featuring dBASE III and dBASE II
16-Bit Modern Microcomputers: The Intel i8086 Family
Statistical Programs in Basic
Bonnie L. Walker, Paul W. Lowans, Alan Finger, David W. Hopper
Event Queue82
Unclassified Ads509
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results510
Reader Service511

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