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Volume 5, issue 10 (October, 1984)

Table of Contents
The Worlds of UNIX34
A brief discussion of the power and porability of UNIX which introduces the more detailed articles that follow
Mark Rollins
The Evolution of the UNIX Timesharing System36
The origins of UNIX as told by one of the creators
Dennis Ritchie
A Conversation with Ritchie and Thompson50
Microsystems talks with the founders of UNIX: a discussion of its beginnings, and the impact that making UNIX a product has had on its development
UNIX System V on the Miniframe58
Convergent Technologies' Miniframe runs the latest standard version of UNIX at a resonable price
John Malpas, Kathy O'Leary
IBM has released a strong implementation of UNIX System III to run on the PC
Peter Brooks
The UNIX Experience80
Discover this personal view of UNIX
Ron Gumbach
The C Power Packs from Novum Organum84
The Power Packs offer a C environment for the PC that will allow you to begin developing code fast
Chris Howlett
X.25 Communications Protocol92
How to build an actual machine for this protocol; the hardware details needed to implement the physical layer
Eric L. Beser
Printer Networking with TurboDOS106
Learn how to configure a TurboDOS system with one or more printers
Tedd Kurts
Editor's Page6
Conditions for portability... the S-100 bus -- a response to a reader
Mark Rollins
News and Views8
Running MS-DOS under UNIX; IBM and UNIX; Morrow multiuser system; The top 10 harware; What dows advertising cost?; Quatation of the Month
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus12
The S-100 philosphy, and some thoughts on the MWRT signal
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File18
Where to find key points on using UNIX; a plea for a wider range of UNIX topics
Ian F. Darwin
MS-DOS Window24
Finding faults: How to spot trouble in your PC
Hank Kee
The Graphics Palette29
The adventures of the direct hardware interface
David McCune
Letters to the Editor116
This month... the WD2511 X.25 chip; a differing opinion on our editorial emphasis
Todd Katz's PMATE-The Programmer's Tool availability
New Producs118
Sperry Personal Computer; Three new S-100 boards; Amdek 5055 Printer; Remote switch for PC-XT; Lattice Window; UNIX-like system preloaded on hard disk

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