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Volume 5, issue 11 (November, 1984)

Table of Contents
The Worlds of UNIX42
A discussion of the development and future of UNIX introduces the articles that follow
Mark Rollins
The Evolution of UNIX from 1974 to present44
UNIX in the laste decade: the key ideas that made it evolve, and the idividuals who contributed its growth
Ian F. Darwin, Geoff Collyer
A Conversation with Andrew D. Hall58
Andy Hall, Director of the Bell Labs System V Development, talks about the future of UNIX
Codata 3300, Running Unisoft UNIX68
Codata offers a reliable implementation of UNisoft UNIX at a moderate price
Bruce H. Hunter
How Portable is C?84
Avoid some of the most common pointer and data typing proplems that arise when programming with C
Michael Tilson
PFIX86 from Phoenix92
Phoenix Software has released a symbolic debugger for a standard PC/MS-DOS environment
Michael Olfe
The MS-DOS PROMPT Command has more Power than You Think100
PROMPT s ore than a simple command -- it will display the current directory path, change the color/graphics display mode, and redefine the keyboard
Charles Petzold
X.25 Communications Protocol108
Part 3: Learn how to implement X.25 using the Intel 8270 and Western Digital WD2511 chips
Eric L. Beser
Editor's Page6
Microsystems says goodbye
Mark Rollins
News and Views8
IBM releases PC/AT; Japan penetrating U.S. PC market
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus12
Tips on buying an S-100; safe power switching; slow EPROMs
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File16
Shows, shell efficiency, and shibboleths
Ian F. Darwin
MS-DOS Window24
Bulletin Boards for the PC
Hank Kee
Graphics Palette30
Illuminating HALO
David McCune

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