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Issue 15 (November, 1976)

Table of Contents
Build the Beer Budget Graphics Interface26
Peter Nelson
Add This Graphics Display to Your Systems32
Thomas R. Buschbach
An Enterprising Display Device42
Joe Deres
Make Your Next Peripheral a Real Eye Opener78
Steve Ciarcia
Build This Display Terminal106
Alfred I. Anderson
It's More Fun Than Crayons6
Richard Rosner
What Is APL?20
Mark Arnold
A Tip for Using Wiring Pencils40
Ralph W. Burhans
Some Graphics Background Information56
Ira Jay Rampil
In This BYTE2
A Proposed Standard for Publising Binary Data in Machine Readable Form10
Walter Banks, Carl Helmers
The Address Space Saturation Problem16
(or, What Happens After You Use 32 16 K Dynamic Memory Chips)
Carl Helmers
Personal Computing '76: Outstanding Computer Hobbyist of the Year Award16
Sol Libes was selected.
John Dilks
Kil O' Byte54
What's New?60, 67
Graphics Display Memory: MTX-256**2
Miscellaneous: Selectric typewrite conversion kit; Baby! Floppy Diskette Storage System
A Suggestion is Fulfilled: Pocket Data Terminal PDT-1000
Real Time Programming, Anyone? (or How to Make a Perpetual Audio Visual Date Book) - COMPTEK's Real Time Clock
Is This Programmable Calculator or Computer System? - Hewlett-Packard's Flexible Disk Drive 9885M
Breadboard Kit Including Slit-N-Wrap Tool: Vector Electronic Co's 41X
The Briefcase Computer Concept, Revisited: Digital Electronics Corporation's DE68
Star Trek in BASIC: Two Programs from Atlantis Consultants
Printed Circuit Board Hackers Tkae Note: Two new etched circuit board kits from Vector Electronics Co.
Need a Fast Microcontroller? - Signetics 8X300
Attention, Commercial and Industrial Graphics Users: Tektronix model 619
Updates to the 9900 Line (Texas Instruments)
A World's Smallest Microcomputer Systems? - F8 Model 710A from Pronetics Corp
Would You Like to Find About Hardware for DIagnosing and Testing Microprocessor Designs? - Hewlett-Packard application note AN 167-13
A New Graphics Option for OSI: Super Video Board from Ohio Scientific Instruments
Product Description: The MERLIN Video Interface Adds a Visual Dimension to Your Altair or IMSAI62
What is missing when you purchase a main frame computer from the catalogues of MITS Inc or IMS ASSOCIAtes? Asking that question has recently started several companies purveying products to the small systems market. The identification of gaps in a product line, then independently filling these gaps is a highly respected tradition in the computer field, a tradition which has hardly changed as the market widens through microcomputer technoly. An example of creative and innovative produc idea which augments and enhances an existing computer product line is provided by the new MERLIN board manufactured by MiniTerm Associates, Bedford MA. The floowing article is edited from materials supplied by MiniTerm.
Personal Computing 76 in Atlantic City: Something for Everyone66
Virginia Peschke
BYTE's Bugs90
Clubs, Newsletters92
Classfied Ads104
BYTE's Bits127
Hot Off the Grapvine: Texas Instruments' new single chip video controller
Editor's Pet Peeve
Product Description: Astral 2000132
This descriptive summary is based upon materials supplied by M&R Enterprises, as well as first hand inspection of prototype hardware during a trip to California in April of this year. The marketin and development of the Astral 2000 is, to say the least, cautious and painstaking. It has been essentially kept under wraps until the BASIC facility was suffciently developed to allow release. The system has been shown off in bits and pieces throughout the design process by people from M&R who attend the sessions of the Hombrew Computer Club in Palo Alto CA. How that M&R Enterprises is finally to the point of delivering the systems in initial production quantitites it leaves the rumor stage and becomes a full fledged contender in the marketplace...
Reader's Service144

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