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Commodore Techtopics

Issue 18 (November, 1987)

Table of Contents
A2000 System Schematics3-1.1
Enclosure: 18/3-1.2 PN 314135-01 A2000 System Schematics3-1.2
A500/A2000 Aligment Instructions3-2.1
Enclosure: 18/3-2.2 Amiga Alignment Instruction Sheets3-2.2
Enclosure: 18/3-2.3 PN 314966-02 Alignment Program Diskette V1.13-2.3
1902 To 1080 Conversion Erratus3-3.1
Fix - A1000 Keyboard3-4.1
Repair Tip: IC/Socket Contact Problems3-4.2
4 CBM 
1581 FDD Repair Tip4-1.1
Erratus: C128D Board Layout4-2.1
Enclosure: 18/4-2.2 C128D Board Layout For PCB ASSY# 2504774-2.2
C64C Addendum: B-3, E Versions4-3.1
Enclosure: 18/4-3.2 C64C Addendum PN# 314856-014-3.2
C128/C128D Diagnostics EPROM4-4.1
Enclosure: 18/4-4.2 C128/C128D Diagnostic EPROM4-4.2
5 PC 
Installation Tip: ATI Video Card5-1.1
Reprint: Page 53 PC Operators Manual5-1.2
Reprint: Page 30 PC Operators Manual5-1.3
Repair Tip: Parity Errors5-2.1
Compute Effective Address5-3.1
PC10 (1-2-III) Disk Drive Diagnostic5-4.1
PC10-1, PC10-2 Memory Map5-5.1

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