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Amiga User International

Volume 3, issue 10 (October, 1989)

Table of Contents
Constant factors 
The Amiga Dimension5
Managing Editor Antony Jacobson looks at the business of being an Amiga user
Anthony H. Jacobson
Win the fantastic Flight Controls I device
Amiga Answers93
We tell it like it is!
Model Building - Part I70
Design your own database
More programs to get your gadgets going
User port 
Computers & Music24
A slim, helful guide
Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Manual40
A weighty book worth every pound
Graphical Cartography62
Mark Smiddy explains the Amiga's powerful
Field reports 
Siggraph '8918
A special report from the graphics 'Olympics'
DTP/WP Round Up30
Which programs suit your needs? Find out here.
Add It Up39
Database and accounting packages to keep your decimals in place
Heard It On The Grapevine85
Whispers from the games jungle
Test drive 
The hypertext revolution is coming!!!
Music X23
Midi magic strikes again
It's finally here - but is it a bad Apple? Mark Smiddy reports.
Go Faster Stripes56
The 68000 accelerator board
A CAD Translator68
Go from 2D to 3D with ease
Movie Clips - Vol I73
Get the popcorn - Moviesetter backgrounds are showing
Digi-Paint 3.074
HAM it up with NewTek
Master Fonts 3D77
A graphical offering that 'almost' makes it
Vortex 40Mb Hard Drive96
Memory hungry Amiga users take note
A590 Hard Drive101
CBM's peripheral pleases on all counts
Special offers 
FunSchool 233
A colourful, patient teacher for you computer users
Ami Alignment System95
DIY disk drive maintenance
AUI Subscription Form100
Leave that poor newsagent alone!
A500 Covers111
Keep your keys sparkling clean
Barbarian II42
Falcon Mission Disk44
Jack Nicklaus Golf48
RVF Honda50
Castle Warrior54
Sleeping Gods Lie84
Short Reports106

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