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Volume 2, issue 6 (June, 1985)

Table of Contents
Making Music on the C-6424
It's been over a year since our first music feature ("Tune Up Your Commodore," RUN, April 1984), and many exciting programs and products have been released since then. From keyboard synthesizers and MIDI interfaces to music tutorials, the computer music business is booming!
Tom Benford
Utilities: C-64 Big Letters36
Here are three utility programs that let you type onto your screen 48 colorful letters, numbers and other symbols, four times their normal size.
Jimmy W. Bernard
The C-128: How Does It Stack Up?46
This article looks closely at the C-128 in relation to its two main competitors, the Apple IIc and IBM PCjr.
Margaret Morabito
Utilities: Call the Doctor50
This disk utility has a remedy for just about all your disk problems and is a valuable tool for regular disk checkups.
John Tanzini
Utilities: Bad Blocks?66
Why aren't your programs loading? Is it your disk or your disk drive? THis article helps you find the answer.
Joseph J. Shaughnessy
C-64 Shuffle74
Luck won't help you here. Careful planning and shooting are the keys to winning this game.
Buck Childress
Telecommunications... On-Line with Dow Jones80
RUN continues its series on telecommunications, with coverage of the Dow Jones News/Retrieval service - the best for financial and investment news. It also provides a wide array of general services, including shopping, airline scheduling, MCI Mail service and more.
Margaret Morabito
Utilities: A Dozen Will Do It94
The C-64's eight function keys can become 12 by means of some programming magic.
Ronald Greenberg
Double Your Basic! - More Commands at Your Fingertips102
Here's Basic 4.5, a professional quality extended BAsic that adds all the Basic 4.0 commands to your C-64's Basic plus sprite graphics, music, windows and additional disk commands.
Robert Rockefeller
RUNning Ruminations6
$1FA: Automatic UNNEW
$1FB: Basic UNNEW for the C-64
$1FC: Emercency UNNEW
$1FD: ROMwriter
$1FE: C-64 List freezer
$1FF: Compatible color RAM
$200: Machine language in tape buffer
$201: Tricky screen formatting
$202: PRINT# to the screen
$203: Word trick winner
$204: Plus/4 and C-16 graphics
$205: C-16 and Plus/4 screen titles
$206: SX-64 disk tip
$207: 1520 plottter supplies
$208: Disk error light
$209: Koala Pad buttons
$20A: Okimate programs
$20B: Paper for the Okimate 10
$20C: Left-handed joysticks
$20D: Call waiting
$20E: Flip files
$20F: Loading from tape
$210: Easy RUN
Louis F. Sander
Software Gallery12
Fleet System 2; 1541 Physical Exam; F-15 Strike Eagle; Fast Load; Vizastar 64; HomePak; Print Shop; Sky Travel
Susan Tanona
Mail RUN76
RUN's Great Giveaway78
Hardware Gallery114
SG-15 Printer; Cardkey-1; Okimate 10
Susan Tanona
Commodore Clinic118
Jim Strasma
New Products RUNdown114
Susan Tanona
How to Type In Listings125
RUN Amok125
Correction for Graph Maker, April 1985.
Coming Attractions128

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