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Volume 2, issue 7 (July, 1985)

Table of Contents
Program Painter20
Art Paradis
A High-Performance Turtle26
Slow and steady will win the race every time. Just type in this Basic program to add nine new commands for using high-resolution turtle graphics on your C-64 or C-128.
Richard Holleran
Datafile Fast Print30
No more endless waiting for your database records to print out. Let DFPrint, another module to add to the previosly published Datafile, speed things up for you.
Mike Konshak
Chopper Run40
Flying your helicopter low to the ground, you must use lightning-fast reflexes to evade ground obstacles and merciless attacks by heat-seeking missiles.
Howard Campbell
Watch Your Speed!46
Is your disk drive just puttering along, or is it breaking the speed limit? Whichever, these two programs act as an efficient traffic cop in helping you to check and adjust your drive's motor speed.
Joseph J. Shaughnessy
Keep It Clean50
Learn this simple procedure for cleaning your disk drive head, and you may prevent serious equipment damage.
Margaret Morabito
Keep Your Disk Drive In Line53
Here's a do-it-yourself project that will save you costly repairs due to disk drive misalignment. Knowing how to use a Phillips-head screwdriver is the only prerequisite.
Joseph J. Shaughnessy
Memory Jogger60
Here's the world's simplest database. It makes information retrieval quick and easy.
Blaine Johnson, Jr.
Database Management On the C-6468
Who needs a database? Maybe you. These powerful productivity tools can help you put your business (or life) in order, and there's a package available to fit every need and budget.
Bob Guerra
TEDMON: The Plus/4's Machine Language Monitor76
This article shows you how to access TEDMON and introduces you to its commands.
Jim Grubbs
Telecommunications... The Source and Delphi80
RUN continues its series on telecommunications with a look at two popular general-interest on-line utilities.
Margaret Morabito
Basic 4.5: A Bigger and Better Basic84
This is the second installment of a three-part article presenting the author's Basic 4.5, which gives you the power of all the Basic 4.0 commands, plus more. This month focuses on the added disk commands.
Robert Rockefeller
RUNning Ruminations6
$211: Plus/4 and C-16 Super Palette
$212: Split screen
$213: ESP program
$214: Ghostfreezers
$215: Doddle and Print Shop combined
$216: Wolfenzauberei
$217: Star Wars trickery
$218: Datassette audio
$219: Dead Datassette
$21A: Disk archives
$21B: Disk hang-up fix
$21C: 2040/4040 Disk Drives
$21D: Disk-save command quirks
$21E: GET# improved
$21F: Closing files
$220: Disk ID changers
$221: Write-protect detector
$222: Outside reading
$223: Wavy video
$224: Hex conversion aid
Louis F. Sander
Software Gallery12
Power 64; Gemstone Warrior; Financial Advisor; Adventure Construction Set; Team-Mate; The World's Greatest Baseball Game
Susan Tanona
RUN's Great Giveaway62
Commodore Clinic106
Jim Strasma
Commodore Service Network110
Mail RUN114
New Products RUNdown116
Susan Tanona
How to Type In Listings119
RUN Amok119
Coming Attractions120

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