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Volume 5, issue 6 (June, 1988)

Table of Contents
The Latest Word40
Several new contenders have stepped into the word-processing fray. Which one will win your allegiance?
Michael Cavanaugh
Form Writer46
Design and print out presonalized forms for all your small-business and family needs.
Tom Brown
Special Delivery56
Rain, sleet, hain and dark of night...; in this text and graphics adventure, you'll confront even more threatening obstacles.
Cindy Hurley
Now You See It...60
...now you don't. You're in for a few surprises when you play this sime andventure-type game.
Penny DeGroff
RUNning Ruminations12
Dennis Brisson
$4A0: C-64 Character Mischief
$4A1: Automatically Indenting For-Next Loops (Tip of the Month)
$4A2: Update for 64 DOS Shell
$4A3: Hide Your 64 Listings Away
$4A4: Satellite Trackers: Your Date Has Arrived
$4A4: C-64 Numeric-Expression Input
Tim Walsh
News and New Products22
Print out coloring books pages, take a trip to Washington, DC, and explore a Dark Castle.
Harold R. Bjornsen
RUN's Reader Choice Award Ballot24
Software Gallery30
Infiltrator II; The Train: Escape to Normandy; High Seas; Knight Orc; Magnetron
Beth S. Jala
Easy Applications: Unlockup66
Got important data locked up memory? That horrible feeling can largely be locked out for good.
James Host
Create GEOS applications with geoProgrammer; a new assembly language development system.
Randy Winchester
Telecomputing Workshop72
Who broke this BBS? Also, shop, get stock reports and go prospecting, all on a bulletin board system.
David Bradley
Commodore Clinic76
Learn how to program interrupts and how to read disk names.
Louis R. Wallace
Learn To Walk Before You RUN78
RUN's Checksum Program95
Coming Attractions96
List of Advertisers96

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