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Dr. Dobb's Journal

Volume 8, issue 2 (February, 1983)

Table of Contents
PISTOL - A Forth-like Portably Implemented STack Oriented Language12
Dr. Bergmann, wishing to have Forth-like languages on a variety of machines, has designed this one with an eye to high portability, simplicity, and user friendliness.
Ernest E. Bergmann
Program Linkage by Coroutines - Forth to BASIC26
Using the general principles of coroutines, Dr. Morgenstern describes how he linked BASIC file-handling capabilities to a Forth graphics program.
Leonard Morgenstern
Linking CP/M Functions to Your High Level Program32
Author Weiger describes how to call CP/M functions such as DEL from within a high-level program.
Wendy A. Weiger
High Praise for Small C
Reynold Wiggins
Dobb's Ex Machina16
The column returns with a potpourri of rumours and a bit of conjecture about the industry.
Hank Harrison
16-Bit Software Toolbox18
An extensive review of the Concurrent CP/M-86 multi-tasking package from Digital Research.
Ray Duncan
CP/M Exchange34
Gene Head
Dr. Dobb's Clinic55
Diskette Senility?, Computer Catatonia?, Intern Trucated, Double your BASIC, Etch-A-Vector
D.E. Cortesi
Hardware Review58
Small Systems Engineering CP/M-80 Expansion Card for the Victor 9000.
Software Review62
REVAS Disassember
Book Reviews64
Data Communications for Micro Computers; TRS-80 Data Communications Systems; The Network Revolution: Confession of a Computer Scientist; The Online Micro-Software Guide and Directory 1983/84; CRUNCHERS-21 -- simple games for Timex/Sinclair 1000 2x.
Of Interest68

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