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Issue 21 (September, 1985)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge4
David Allikas
Guest Editorial: Image5
John C. Dvorak
Summer '85 Consumer Electronics Show - The Chips Are Down
Games for C-64, C-128, Amiga; Commodore dual disk drive & 1200 modem; 3D light pen; 20MB hard drive; RAM/ROM expander cartridge; RGB monitor; Money manager; Alphacom & Commodore printers; Educational releases; Tax program
Art Gallery34
Corrections to Lucky Lottery (July 1985) and Duck Shoot (June 1985)
Problem #21-1: Geometry Fun
Problem #21-2: Logical Fun
Problem #21-3: Decimal Columns
Problem #21-4: REM Remover
Solutions for #17-1: Desimalizing Dates, #17-2: Printer Sentinel, #17-3: MID$ Statement and #17-4: Number Speller
Dale Rupert
Many Ways to Say I Love You; On-Field Football; Computereyes; Blazing Paddles
Cheryl Peterson, Arnie Katz, Morton Kevelson
Program Listings85
Creating Your Own Games on the VIC and 64: Rockets, Boats, & Bigs in Pokes18
How to use sprites effectively in your Commodore 64 action games - including Pic in a Poke, a simple children's game that uses sprite movement, shapechanging, and collision detection.
Orson Scott Card
Rupert Report: Tumbling Dice & Data Structures37
Dale Rupert
A Look Around the 1571 - Commodore's Disk Drive Companion to the 12847
Morton Kevelson
Touring the C-128 Keyboard51
Last month we presented an inside view of the C-128. Starting this month we will take a closeup look at some of the specific features which make this new machine a significant improvement over its predecessors.
Morton Kevelson
Commodore Roots: Addressing the Commodore, Part II77
The Second of Two Columns on Assembly Language Addressing
Mark Andrews
Cadet's Column81
Cheryl Peterson
Invective for the C-6415
George Trepal
Superhero for the C-6417
James C. Hilty
Start & End File Address for the C-6417
David S. Smart
Fish Math for the VIC 2029
Kevin Dewey
Ahoy! Dock - A Mini Database Manager for the C-6430
Glenn Lumpkins
Fastnew - A 20-Second Formatter for the 1541 and C-6433
Don Lewis
Auto-Gen - Automated Generation of DATA Statements on the C-6459
David A. Jones
Dragon Type for the C-6461
Bob Spirko
File Lock - Scratchproofing for Your C-64 Programs62
Don Lewis
Go-Lister Programming Aid for the C-6473
John K. Lunde
Moxey's Porch for C-6473
Bob Blackmer
Bug Repellents for the VIC & 6485
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Flankspeed for the C-6486
Gordon F. Wheat

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