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Volume 7, issue 11 (November, 1983)

Table of Contents
Publisher's Remarks6
Opportunity's Knockin'
Wayne Green
The Edit Mode8
Osborne Corp. Crumbles
Larry Canale
What's New Big Blue?14
PeachText Won't “Ware” Out
Thomas V. Bonoma
Writing of Sprytebyter
Robert W. Baker
On Top of Trends
Frank J. Derfler, Jr.
Apple Gets Healthful Hints from Heath
Joe Good
Letters to the Editor107
Micro Software Digest120
Software Reviews at a Glance
Tracy Mayor
Dealer Directory125
Classfied Ads125
Book Reviews126
The Easy Guide To Your Apple II; A History of Computing In the Twentieth Century; Microcomputers; Inside the IBM PC: Access to Advanced Features And Programming; Mastering Machine Code On Your ZX-81; Write, Edit & Print
Larry Canale
New Software130
Reports By Example; Relay; Sprint Typer; VisiCalc Tutor; RTTY II; Calcu-Plot; Blue Lynx; Speed Reader II; Hot Accounts; Financial Analysis System; OpVal; Mathematical Functions; Dr. Logo; Offix; Critical Connection
Sheila Wright
New Products136
It's an Eagle; Graymatter; A Colorful Plot; Grafax Spooler; Low-Cost Four-Color Plotter; Maverick; Data Library; How Do You Spell Relief? B-y-t-e B-a-t; Fast-Pace Processor; Multibus Board; Prometheus I; Triple Modem; Portable Voice
Software Reviews146
A Program for Health Nuts, Final Word in Word Processors?, Reach into Apple's Back of Tricks
Sheila Wright
Cover: Check the Chill38
The first in a quartet of innovative applications describes how you can compute the wind chill faster using this Microsoft Basic program.
Mark Worley
Take an Atari and Call Me In the Morning40
Help yourself stay healthy by organizing and updating your medical records.
Tim Banse
Apples and Food Co-ops? Food for Thought44
Micros have a place even in food co-ops, as this Apple program shows.
Tobi Hoffman
A Touch of Braille50
This PET program makes learning Braille simple.
J.J. Hoefer, P.F. Arnold, M.L. Waddell
When Apple Gets the (Big) Blues (or, IBM Gets Fruity)32
With the program described here, you can have your Apple and IBM shaking hands.
Jurgen Schmidt
A Story of Sorts56
Sorting on your IBM is less of a chore with this program.
Mark Johansen
Moore on the H120: A New Generation60
Part 2 of the author's H120 review describes the featuresof Heath's latest.
Martin Moore
The MPF-II: An Apple Alternative?66
The Apple-compatible Micro-Professor leads the Chinese Invasion.
Tim Daniel
The T/S 1000: Make it on a Monitor70
The author's hardware project makes your T/S 1000/ZX-81 monitor-compatible.
Sharon Zardetto Aker
Kaypro's Mega-Memory72
Ten megabytes of memory may make the Kaypro 10 the leader in the portable field.
Bob Hickley
Satisfying Your Lust for Memory78
Adding memory to your S-1000 bus computer doesn't have to bust your bank account.
John Uffensbeck
Sorts Illustrated85
Get started on sorting methods with this how-to article.
Dick Lutz
The Low-Down on Downloading96
If you're having trouble downloading Basic to your C-64, you'll find the answer here.
Michael Fichtelman
The Intelligent Toaster100
The author describes construction of the Command Communicator -- an integral part of the home control system.
Mark Robillard
Buyer's Guide to $4000-$6000 Systems108
Part 4 in this seriesof buyer's guides helps you choose the right system.

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