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Commodore Techtopics

Issue 31 (October, 1990)

Table of Contents
Index - Info Section Techtopics 3131/1-0.0
Service Warranty Policy Numbers and Conditions31/1-1.1
Service Training Schelude, January thru March 199131/1-2.1
Enclosure: January thru March Service Training Course Outline31/1-2.2
A3000 - PC60-III, Field Replacement Units Policy (Reminder)31/1-3.1
Index - Parts Section TechTopics Issue 3131/2-0.0
PC60-III Spare Parts List31/2-1.1
Index - Amiga Section Techtopics Issue 3131/3-0.0
Addendum To Techtopic Issue 30/3-3.1, A2300 Genlock Fix To Work With A300031/3-1.1
Quantum Prodrive Hard Drive Kit Update31/3-2.1
Using Setclock Command Changing Clock Chip Or Battery31/3-3.1
4 CBM 
Index - CBM Section Techtopics Issue 3131/4-0.0
1541B Kit Substitution31/4-1.1
1270 Ink Jet Service Manual, CBM PN# 314260-01 Release31/4-2.1
Enclosure: 1270 Ink Jet Service Manual31/4-2.2
5 PC 
Index - PC Section Techtopics Issue 3131/5-0.0
C286-LT Laptop Computer Announcement31/5-1.1
BIOS ROMS Rev. 2.03 Upgrade - PC40/30-III31/5-2.1
BIOS ROMS Rev. 1.35 Upgrade - PC60-III31/5-3.1
C286-LT Laptop Service Manual, CBM PN# 400400-01 Release31/5-4.1
Enclosure: C286-LT Laptop Service Manual31/5-4.2

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