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Volume 2, issue 3 (March, 1977)

Table of Contents
Simplified Omega Receiver Details70
Ralph W. Burhans
Inexpensive Joystick Interfaces88
Thomas R. Buschbach
Flights of Fancy with the Enterprise106
David Price
Multiplex Your Digital LED Displays122
James Hogenson
Give Your Micro Some Muscles9
Robert D. Grappel
Review of the SWTPC PR-40 Alphanumeric Printer18
Gary Kay
Cassette Transports for the "Roll Your Own" Hobbyist26
William H. Freeman
The Digital Cassette Subsystem: Part 2, Digital Data Formats and System Considerations38
Jack Breimeir, Ira Jay Rampil
What's Involved in Kit Building?50
Louis E. Frenzel
Try This Computer on for Size114
Steve Ciarcia
In This BYTE4
Machine readable printed software is an exciting subject. Numerous comments have been received from various individuals regarding the idea of machine readable printed software as described in the November and December 1976 issues of BYTE. These are excerpts from various letters which often covered other topics as well.
Editorial: BYTE Goes International14
Carl Helmers
A 6502 Op Code Table36
Lemuel A. Fugitt
What's New?98, 104
At Last! A Phi Deck Tape Mass Storage System for the Altair Bus (Micro Designs Model 100 and Model 200)
At Issue, a Table (Qantex comment for December 1976 item SA-400 Minifloppy)
Where to Go to Get Whatover (Marketing Services The Underground Buying Guide)
Attention Commercial and Industrial Users of the 8080 (muPro Inc BSAL-80)
Cogitate then Emulate with This Bipolar Controller... (Signetics 8X300)
What Makes the Z-1 Tick? (Cromemco)
A Matter of Form (Walton Electronics)
Explore the Universe of Color (Compucolor 8001)
Computer Power & Light (COMPAL-80)
A New Version of SC/MP (National Semiconductor)
Floppy Disk Controller And a Hint about a Future Article (NEC Microcomputers uPD372D)
Technical Forum102
Comments on a Prototyping Bus
Some Comments on the Universal Bus Idea
Positively Baker Street113
Another PAPERBYTES™ Test130
BYTE's Bits136, 146
Guinness, Take Note: The Word's First Commerical Personal Computing System Product to Use 16 K Dynamic Programmable Memory Chips.. (Apple I)
A HAM Swapfest
Jim Warren's Official Rumours About the West Coast Computer Faire...
Want a Used Computer?
Notes on "What Is It?"
Attention Manufacturers
Programmers Invited to Participate in 1977 National Computer Conference Programming Contest
A New Virginia Polytechnic Institute Seminar Program
BYTE's Bugs137
Why the DACs "Don't Work" - Correction to "Make Your Next Peripheral a Real Eye Opener", BYTE November 1976
Weathering the Storm - Notes to "Do It Yourself Weather Predictions", BYTE December 1976
Classfied Ads140
Clubs, Newsletters142
Reader Service160

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