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Volume 2, issue 4 (April, 1977)

Table of Contents
KIM Goes to the Moon8
Jim Butterfield
A Software Controlled 1200 bps Audio Tape Interface40
Carl Helmers
Designing The "Tiny Assembler" - Defining the Problem60
Jack Emmerichs
Naviagation with Mini-O: Part 3, Software100
Richard J. Salter
A Guide to Baudot Machines: Part 1, Description of Available Devices12
Michael S. McNatt
Having a "Private Affair" with Your Computer18
Steve Ciarcia
A Review of Tom Pittman's Tiny Basic34
Richard Rosner
Artificial Intelligence: What Is It?50
Richard L. Rosenbaum
Establishing the CHU Dynasty70
Let It All Hang Out
Stephen B. Gray
Early Indications of Technology in Roman Military Arts or Plexitus78
E. E. Barnes
Why Aren't There Any Altairs on Arcturus II?94
Henry Melton
Microprocessor Update: 8008110
Robert W. Baker
Microcomputer Glossay124
David Price
In This BYTE4
Editorial: How I Was Born 300 Years Ahead of My Time6
Carl Helmers
A Nybble on the Apple10
Carl Helmers
Ask BYTE32
A New Journal for Computer Music Lovers... (Computer Music Journal)
What's New?82, 141
Anticipation is Half the Fun (Cromemco)
The Sloppy Disk Drive (Digital Design)
How to Make the Z-80 Slave to a Nova (SAI Comsystems Corp.)
Get Yourself a Z-80 Reference Card (Fred McNeill)
Where to Get a 3M Drive... (National Multiplex Corp.)
A 2650 Single Board Computer (Central Data Company)
Interested in COSMAC Evaluation Boards? (RCA Solid State CDP18S020)
Some Information on Refreshing Dynamic Memories Is Available from Texas Instruments
Don Tarbell's New Prototyping Board (Tarbell Electronics)
ROM Programs Beget ROM Programs... (Shepardson Microsystems Inc.)
Finally, We'll Get a Low Enough Price for the 2708 (Texas Instruments TMS2708JL)
From Sweden: LYS-16 (AB Aero-Telaw Atew)
Micro Cosomos PLEASE
New Hobbyist System Supports Timesharing (Western Digital SIXTEEN/8)
Attention Floppy Users... Here's a Power Supply Module for You (Power One Inc CP-162, CP-205, CP-206)
The IMSAI Hard Copy Option (IMS Associates Inc. IMSAI Printer)
Book Reviews90
101 BASIC Computer Games
TV Typewriter Cookbook
Linda Blocki, Dan Fylstra
Classfied Ads123
Technical Forum: An Approach to High Level Languages for Small Systems128
Donald J. Stavely
BYTE's Bits140
Attention Eduation Users
Catalog of Computer Suppliers Available
The Grapevine's Latest Goblet of Divine Juice
Tow Computers in Every Home, Motherhood, Pizza, Apple Pie, et al
Computer Stores in Canada145
Clubs, Newsletters146
Kil O'Byte158
Programming Puzzle: An 8080 Bug in the Stack161
Bruce A. Dolan
Reader Service176

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