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Volume 2, issue 6 (June, 1977)

Table of Contents
Designing Multichannel Analog Interfaces18
Douglas R. Kraul
Interfacing The IBM Selectric Keyboard Printer46
Teaching KIM to Type
Dan Fylstra
Come Fly With KIM76
Rick Simpson
Software for the Economy Floppy Disk88
Kenneth B. Welles
Artificial Intelligence, An Evalutionary Idea: Part 2, Implementation100
Mike Wimble
A 6800 Selectric IO Printer Program140
Fulvio Guzzon
A Guide to Baudot Machines: Part 3, A Teleprinter Test Circuit154
Michael S. McNatt
Newt: A Mobile, Cognitive Robot30
Ralph Hollis
Interfacing to an Analog World: Part 254
Joseph J. Carr
Introduction to Microprogramming116
S. M. Quek
In This BYTE4
Editorial: The Software Dilemma9
How is it possible to simultaneosly make software widely available (and low priced), yet reward the producers of good software with adequate compensation for their efforts?
Carl Helmers
What's New16, 24, 144, 158
Games are More Fun with Action Inputs (Cromemco JS-1)
A New Audio Tape cassette Driver for the Altair Bus (PerCom Data Company)
Hard Copy That's Hard to Beat for Speed (The Digital Group)
Inexpensive Wire Wrap Tools (OK Machine and Tool Corp. OK BW-630, AWG 30)
A High Performance Character Display Terminal (Volker-Graig Ltd. VC303A)
Here's a Product That Counts (Automated Industrial Measumerent AIM-1005)
A Synthesizer Example.... (Cybernetic Systems Model 1000)
A New Brochure (E & L Instruments MMD-1)
A Full Size Floppy Disk with Altair Interface (Peripheral Vision)
New Technology for the 9900 Family (Texas Instruments SBP 9900)
A Rugged Z-80 Product (Cromemco Z-2)
A 16 K Byte Memory Board (RHS Marketing)
Controlling Those Necessary Bells, Whistles and Other Goodies (Comtek PC3202, PC3232)
Morrow Tape Interface
Matrox Video Display with External Sync Capability (MTX-1632SL)
Ruggedized Power Supplies (Calex Manufacturing Company)
A Splice in Time Save Nine? (Master Digital Corp.)
GNAT 3M Drive (MC-200)
The Ultimate in Terminal Printers (Applied Computer Systems)
An Interesting Test Fixture (AP Products)
An Interesting New Product for People Wanting Complete Systems (TLF Data 12)
A New Variation on Solderless Prototyping Board (Continental Specialities)
A Portable Display Terminal (Micon Industries KDM/1)
Ask BYTE60
Technical Forum74
More on Using the 8x300
A Critique of Self-Modifying Code
Classified Ads85
Clubs, Newsletters108
BYTE's Bits126
A Phonograph Record in a Computer Magazine?
KIM Has a Contest
The Floowin Was Received From America Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS)
A Calgary, Arberta Store
Another Dallas Area Store
How to Get a BASIC Source Listing
Wnat to Find Out Who's a Professional Computer Scientist?
Guide to Buzzwords
Survey Sweeptakers Results..
How About Running a Real Word Enterprise Instead of a Computer Driven Simulation Game?
Desk Top Wonders: SR-52 Card BLACKJACK150
MIchael J. Garvey
BYTE's Bugs160
Oops...Some Phi-Deck Updates to Freeman's Article, March 1977
Reader Service180

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