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The NT Insider

Volume 10, issue 3 (May, 2003)

Table of Contents
A New Interface for Device Writing: The Windows Driver Framework1
Looking Forward To Longhorn1
Editorial: WinHEC Surpirses2
Peter Pontificates: This Train Keeps Rollin'3
Peter Viscarola
Pardon the Interruption: Interrupt Handling Changes in Windows4
The DDK is Dead, Long Live the LDK!6
Tracing Update: New Tracing Features for Window7
NEW! OSR Online - www.osronline.com: The Reserouce for WIndows Driver Development10
The NT Insider Resubscribe Raffle: Renew Your Free Subscription and Win A Prize?11
Was It Worth It? What Went on at WinHEC 200311

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