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UNIX Today!

March 14th, 1990

Table of Contents
From a net message on Robert Morris's sentence3
Does anyone really believe he won't get a bigger advance from his publisher than the $10K fine?
Evan Schuman
NeXT's Jobs offers some reassurances4
An NBA playoff team turns to Unix5
Silicon Graphics cuts some prices10
Users prep for Houston meeting71
Development tools17
SQL Solutions readies combined editor/debugger for Sybase SQL apps
Control Data debuts a graphics workstation
Motif's popularity grows with ISVs
New tools to manage NFS throughput
Product Briefs39
A roundup of recent releases
How RISC workstations from Sun, IBM, Data General and Digital Equipment compare in some underempahized -- but critical -- areas
User Strategies 
Unix Gains Ground On OS/253
Unix appears to be competing effectively with OS/2 on the desktop. At least that's true in Santa Monica, Calif., where the city uses Unix. The Canadian Railway and Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh may still need some convicing.
Philip J. Gill
Unix Signs On With The Farm Team59
Unix has more to do with pork bellies and Washington, D.C. cherries thank you'd think. That's because a California agricultural institute is a user of the OS.
Paul Grill
SCO is planning to by HCR63
Abraxas buys Chapter-11 bound Microport63
Sun plans trading package for Britain64
Arrow to distribute Uniplex software64
HP user group expands services65
Insider Insigts4
Sorcerer's Appentice48
My View: Feeling Used73

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