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Volume 5, issue 8 (August, 1984)

Table of Contents
Philosophy of Local Area Networking46
Select a LAN architechture and the supporting software with these practical guidelines
Leo Hoarty
For Networks and Multiuser Systems - TurboDOS58
Learn the capabilities of this alternative multiuser environment
Ron Fowler
The Networking Capabilities of TurboDOS78
Create the network to meet your needs using TurboDOS
Michel Simon, William Poole
Graphics Subroutines in C for NAPLPS86
Create a simple graphics workstation editor
David McCune
Declarative Languages Under UNIX94
yacc, make, and Prolog offer you powerful UNIX declarative tools
John Malpas, Kathy O'Leary
The NCR Personal Computer101
Use this dual processor system sfor powerful graphics
David Fournier
Mindset: Fast Hi-Res Graphics108
A custom VLSI display processor creates smooth low-cost animation
Christopher Hatton
TurboDOS Spans the Horizon114
A TurboDOS implementation for North Star
Karl Sterne
Leverage Database Manager122
This product lets you use standard UNIX to massage your data
Ian F. Darwin
Editor's Page6
Things to look out for when choosing a LAN infrastructure
Mark Rollins
News and Views8
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus15
Multiprocessing on the S-100: TMA applies to active as well as passive devices
Dave Hardy
The MS-DOS Window21
Details of the XT/370; the PC's impact on the industry; direct memory mapping
Hank Kee
The UNIX File24
The versatile UNIX sort; unraveling ciphers; and some UNIX enhancements
Ian F. Darwin
The CP/M Bus30
Seeing double-disk capacity and "gotcha's"
Randy Reitz
The Graphics Palette34
X3.64 graphics standard - it's strengths and weaknesses
David McCune
Letters to the Editor42
This month... Converting to MS-PRO may be easier than you think; updating our user group directory
In the Public Domain44
New releases for 16-bit software; recent books
Chris Terry
Software Directory128
New Products132

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