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Volume 3, issue 10 (October, 1978)

Table of Contents
No Power for Your Interfaces?: Build a 5 W DC to DC Converter22
Steve Ciarcia
A "Tiny" Pascal Compiler, Part 2: The P-Compiler34
Kin-Man Chung, Herbert Yuen
Testing Memory in BASIC58
Russel E. Adams
First Steps in Computer Chess Programming86
Kathe Spracklen, Dan Spracklen
Linear Circuit Analysis100
Leonard H. Anderson
Solving The Eight Queens Problem122
Terry Smith
A Simpler Digital Cassette Tape Interface142
Ralph W. Burhans
Souping Up Your SwTPC 6800144
Steve A. Hughes
A Novel Bar Code Reader162
Campbell Farnell, Glen Seeds
A Computer Chess Tutorial168
Norman D. Whaland
A Memory Pattern Sensitivity Test12
Don Kinzer
PAM/8: A New Approach to Front Panel Design70
Gordon Letwin
Assembling The H9 Video Terminal130
Terry Steeden
Creating a Chess Player182
Peter W. Frey, Larry R. Atkin
In This BYTE4
Editorial: On Using a Personal Computer for a Practical Purpose6
Carl Helmers
Book Reviews54
Microprocessor Programming for Computer Hobbyists
John A. Lehman
Technical Forum57, 65
What Have You Found?
In Defence of Analog?
Dave MacLean, F. D. Sodamann
BYTE's Bits151
A Call for Papers: Reliable Software Conference
Eight World Computer Congress
BYTE's Bugs151
A Bug in the Scanner (August 1978)
Clubs, Newsletters152
Event Queue154
Product Description: Micro-Scan Corp Bar Code Scanner166
Frederick L. Merkowitz
What's New?193
A Chess Playing Game for the TRS-80 Microcomputer (Personal Software Microchess 1.5)
Match Your Chess Skills with Boris (Chafitz Inc.)
Open Item Billing System for Small Business Use (Structured Systems Group)

Palo Alto Tiny BASIC Extended for North Star (California Software)
Star Wars Simulation Now Available (Objective Design Inc.)
Air Conditioner Selection Program in North Star BASIC (HSC Computer Services Ltd)
SOLOS Tied to North Star DOS and BASIC (Microcomputer Resources Inc)
PDP-8 Simulator for 8080 (The Amide Corp. Simul8tor)
Personal Software Catalog Offers Large Selection of Software Packages
Software Publication (The Software Exchange)
Computer Chess Program Available in Assembly Language (Software Specialists)
Assembler for Microprogramming of Bit Slice Microprocessors (Signetics Micro Assembler)
System Monitor for 8085 Microprocessor (Spectrogram Corp. Micro Mate-85)
Timeshare Disk BASIC System for North Star (Byte Shop of Westminster)

A New Appliance Computer from Pertec (Attaché)
Intel Introduces Improved Single Board Computer (iSBC 80/10A)
Cromemco Features a Z-80 Based Microcomputer (System Three)
Compucolor Introduces Series of Color Home Computer Systems (Compucolor II)
S-100 Microcomputer Price Reduction (Qauy Corp. Q80AI)
New Microcomputer Based on TI TMS 9900 (Technico Inc. SS-16)

S-100 IO Read Only Memory Board (Space Time Productions Master IO)
S-100 PROM Board (Mini Micro Mart)
Memory Board Compatible with SBC 80 Multibus (Electronic Solutions Inc. PROM-32)
EMM Cuts Prices on 2 K Static Memory (EMM Semi Inc. 3539)

Mass Storage:
New 4 Headed Voice Coil Floppy (PerCi Inc. Model 299)
A Low Cost Minifloppy System (Techtran Industries 950 Microdisk)
New Unbundled Floppy Disk Based Computer Systems (Ohio Scientific CS-85K, C2-8VS)
Floppy Disk System for SwTPC 6800 (Southwest Technical Products DMAF1)

LRC Improved Series of Matrix Impact Printers (LRC Inc.)
Data Communications Adapter (Pertec Computer Corp. 80-103A)
New Programmable UART Interface (Standard Microsystems Corp. COM6402)
Pertec Announce Double Head, Double Density Microfloppy (FD250)
Put Your PET on the Bus (Pickles & Trout PET-488)
Unclassified Ads222
Reader Service224

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